Central Baptist Church History

On January 10, 1922, over 200 members formed the Peoples Baptist Church. James O. Johnston was called to be pastor. The first services of People’s Baptist Church were held on January 15, 1922 in the Royal Theater. Shortly after that the name was changed to Central Baptist Church.

On July 15, 1931 the church called M. L. Moser Sr. as their pastor. During the next four years, Central received exactly 1,100 new members, 750 coming by baptism. M. L. Moser Sr. faithfully led the church until his resignation in 1965.

In October of 1965 the church called M. L. Moser Jr. to be pastor. The church prospered greatly under his leadership. In 1990 M. L. Moser Jr. resigned as pastor after several years of faithful service.

Two other pastors followed, each of them staying a little over a year, James Goff followed by Raleigh Estes Campbell. Then Larry Jones became pastor of the church and remained for nearly six years. In June of 2000 Larry M. Potts became pastor of the church.

In September of 2005 Cory Ramirez was called to be pastor of Central Baptist Church and he continues to lead the church today.

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