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The Book of First Corinthians is a letter written from the apostle Paul to the church at Corinth in Greece. Around 52 A.D. Paul traveled to Corinth from the city of Athens, where he had been poorly received. He did not intend to stay long in Corinth, but the Lord had other plans. The apostle remained for over a year in the city working to establish a church.

During Paul’s lifetime Corinth was one of the most influential cities in the world. Located on an isthmus between Athens and Sparta, Corinth naturally became a commercial metropolis. Ships from all over the Mediterranean world filled its ports and the streets were packed with sailors, soldiers, merchants, and travelers. Over the years the wealthy city became known for its idolatry and immorality. Just south of the city stood a hill 1800 feet high, which was home to a temple dedicated to Aphrodite the goddess of love. Most of the residents worshiped this false god that encouraged indulging in fleshly desires. It’s not surprising that Corinth became a place of great sin. The phrase “to live as a Corinthian” meant to live in luxury and immorality.

In this worldly setting the Lord worked through Paul to establish a church. After success mingled with opposition, Paul left Corinth with plans to return. While away, he was informed of the church’s struggle with sin. It did not take long for problems to appear; apparently the world influenced the church more than the church influenced the world. Men were exalted, divisions came as members aligned with different leaders, gifts were misused creating confusion, meetings were disorderly, the Lord’s Supper was abused, and one man lived in open sin with full support from the church. Led by the Spirit, Paul provided spiritual direction for the struggling church. Many years have passed since the book was written but the teachings within are just as valuable today as they were then.

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